KombiKids: Christmas – My first Logic Puzzle
KombiKids - My first Logic Puzzle (BUNDLE)

What makes our apps and games “wholesome”?

Connecting Dots

We help kids “connect the dots” as well as create “new dots”! Learning always requires challenging yourself beyond your boundaries.

Only the best

Our apps are of the highest quality – we rigorously test them with kids and in our labs. Dozens of schools trust our apps in their curriculum.

Lovingly crafted game design

Hand-crafted, immersive art, audio and music. We believe that a game must stimulate all the senses and create everything “from scratch” — no cheap clipart, please.

Child-appropriate Interface

Let’s not spoil our kids’ sense of user experience with crappy interfaces. We make sure our games can confidently be used by your child — without your supervision.

Ethical Monetization

Want to rack up your credit-card bill with “smurf-dollars”? Not with us. We do have to make a living, so we use in-app purchases sparingly and responsibly. No 3rd-party advertising, ever. Period.